Our Journey

This is our journey - A journey of exciting learning, delightful stories and a growing vision.

A simple idea embedded in our philosophy to create a happy place for all children and families has taken some of our everyday enjoyment such as singing and dancing to spectacular stage performances, theatre plays and concerts. Creativity brings out the festivity and the preparations that come with rehearsals, props and staging generates the excitement and enjoyment that makes each concert unique and memorable. Our families have truly enjoyed our concerts over the years, and we look forward to taking it further and celebrating the early years learning to the greater community.

Another wonderful learning journey came about through the struggles to help children go through the many unhappy moments in the early childhood years. These struggles are now encompassed in what we call EQ (Emotional Intelligence), and teachers making each struggle a learning opportunity to support children's happiness. It involves role plays, demonstrations, discussions, and guidance from teachers, peers and parents. We aim to provide children with strategies on how to be resilient and respectful. To show self-regulation, self-control, perseverance and initiative. To be responsible, assertive and compassionate. EQ is a way of life at PHPS. When children are happy, they become more open to new learning and will more likely tackle challenges in positive ways and in the spirited minds of children, nothing will seem impossible. Children will develop 'happy' attitudes toward learning that can take children to all sorts of new and wondrous learning - like learning another language and being a leader or a helper. When children are happy, they are more likely to have a go and to enjoy the game rather than being more concerned about the outcome (winning/losing, what others may think, or getting answers right or wrong). EQ is fundamental in many aspects of the preschool's activities; in our dance classes; art and writing galleries; group sports activities as well as in numeracy and literacy game challenges.

A newer journey is our excursions. By reflecting on the joy that children share with the class after a family holiday or a class excursion, we sense the enjoyment and the momentous opening for learning. Such occasions have higher opportunities for teachable moments and are great occasions for children to apply responsibility and display good character. This is why we have made plans to make excursions a regular part of the PHPS program with our own dedicated preschool minibus for excursions. Regular excursions will allow children to develop a greater appreciation of the outdoors and nature by exploring local nature trails and gardens, wildlife parks, and playgrounds; as well as a greater connection with the community by exploring the local library, museums, shops and railway; and to contribute to the community like performing at a retirement village.

All these learning journeys have been derived from many wonderful stories. We are grateful to all the families and teachers who have helped shape our vision and for allowing us to share with you some of our stories. Thank you for taking an interest in our vision at PHPS. We look forward to and welcome all new families joining us in the journey and to further develop our vision at PHPS.