Excursions extend children's learning beyond the preschool classroom

For children, it is like going on a bear hunt. The excitement, the adventure and the enjoyment seen in children's smiles are the reasons why excursions have become a regular part of PHPS's program. Besides that, it's also enjoyed by all our teachers and families. With our own preschool minibus, almost every week there will be an excursion, allowing all children the opportunity to participate in the excursion adventure, for both our preschoolers and toddlers. The abundant learning and enjoyment can be seen in some of the photos captured.

Excursions provide plentiful joyful learning. However, it is important to note that excursions are not just about the fun exploration of the greater world around them, but also instilling in children: responsibility, to be able to follow rules/guidance and practice road safety awareness, and to be model class of preschoolers/toddlers in the public, and to develop respect and love for the outdoors. Our excursion activities and aims:

  • Enjoying the abundant nature around us – from local Wollundry Park, Cumberland State Forest, to Fagan Park with their gardens of many nations and their Eco Garden.

  • Connecting with the surrounding community – such as visiting the library, railway & fire station, Hornsby heritage museum, art gallery display at local primary and high school.

  • Extending physical activity beyond the preschool outdoor area – fun obstacles in local playgrounds, learn to bike ride with our own pushbikes, soccer and athletic games at Penno all-weather oval.

  • Another highlight excursion in the year is the preschoolers visiting the Lutanda Retirement Village to perform for the elderly residents and our toddler's excursion to Taronga Zoo.